Hebrew Rings & Jewish Wedding Bands

Israeli and Jewish Wedding Rings

Hebrew Rings are a fabulous stylish Jewelry accessory and a necessity for your Jewish Wedding. Hebrew wedding bands are casted in the most beautiful designs in Gold, Silver and Platinum to fit your style and budget. The most popular phrases for Jewish Wedding bands are “Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li” from King’s Solomon’s most famous book of deep love “Song of Songs”. Translated the phrase reads ” I am to My Beloved as my Beloved is to me”. Hebrew Wedding Band rings have a particular phrase of marriage to betroth a spouse under the Chuppah, as “הרי את מקודשת לי” translated “Behold you shall be married to me” while the remainder of the phrase translates “with this ring as per the Law of Moses and Israel”. This phrase is mandatory by Jewish law to recite in order to get married. What a beautiful and ideal engraved statement on your Hebrew ring.

The most unique aspect of a Jewish ring is the profound meaning it carries in it’s verses engraved in original text. The Bible, the word of God has endless blessings for every aspect in life. From joy to sorrow and challenge , the words of the Bible remain the most potent form of truth, solace and meaning. Not everyone can spend time learning the Torah Bible, so we’ve made Jewelry that allows anyone to carry the blessings inherit in the most popular phrases of the Bible for all ocassions.